I need help with a new game!



I am trying to make a game where you make pancakes but it is going awful! I can't get objects to go in front of each other, even when using bring to front or send to back blocks! Help! @oio @Gilbert189 @PopTart0219 @Liza @OrangeScent1


Hey! Using bring to front and send to back blocks can be complicated!:wink:

Anyway, those blocks work if they are the LAST to be used. So one object could be sent to back, and then 1 millisecond later, another could be sent to back, and that one would be at the back. Can you show me what you're trying to do? Maybe a link?


Could I see your code?


Okie dokie! Thank you guys!
Here's a link:


I made the code simpler, if you need any more help, just @ me



Thanks! I'll give full credit!
EDIT: Can you unpublish it? You don't have to, I just want it to be a surprise to those who haven't seen it yet. Thanks!
EDIT: Nevermind! There will be two games, by the way. I am working on some stuff but my head is hurting from all this, so I'm gonna log off and fix the problems tommorow! Thank you for all the help! See you later!


Uh-oh. Make Pancake Batter is going pretty badly if you know what I mean
And I can't upload the video. Pretty much, how do you make an object gradually dissapear as you shake the iPad?