I need help with a gradient background



So I was going to use a gradient background for a project. I copied the code from my other project but it didn't work out. Here are two pictures of the code:

They look identical, but when you play it, there's just a little slice of the gradient. (I couldn't get a picture because it didn't work out for some reason) do I need to repeat it more? I you want me to upload the project, I will.


How many times does the "Draw A Trail" repeat? You probably just need to fix that, and it will work :)


Is it in a repeat 1024 times block? (Or ipad width?


In the second image, (blank) x position is used instead of Text 2 x position, which would make the background because Text 2 is that object!
Say (blank) x position is 0, then Text 2 would always only be 1!
Say Text 2 x position starts off as 0, then increases by 1! Text 2 would be at 1, but then increase by 1 because Text 2 x position just increased by 1 from 0! Then Text 2 would be at 2, and then increase to 3, etc.!


Thanks! I got it now