I need help with a drop trail art



I’m making a “make your own erupting volcano” game, and for putting in the food coloring I need a drop trail art. Can someone help me do this?


Do you mean like this shape?:droplet:
If so, you could do this.

I hope this helps! ( ^ω^ )


Thank you so much!

Btw - HUGE fan of your hopscotch :D


Woah really?
Is your HS name the same? Idk if I follow you already


Yup! It’s -Rainboom-
You’re ChibiBerri, right?


Uh no… she’s one of my bffs irl though. You can tag her to tell her that because she has the forum. I’m ChibiMeringue on HS


O okie

Sorry I got you mixed up ;-;

I feel so embarrassed now XD

I’m a big fan of yours too! You’re amazing :0


Nah that’s ok!
Thanks a lot though!


No prob :3

It’s true! You’re just as good as Berri!


Also - you’re really good at coding, can you help me with some other things in my project?


YeSh, of course! Thanks a lot!




But please no clones I really can’t do that but I can do trail arts and other stuffs


Lel all g, I think I can handle clones

If not someone can do it for meh cuz I’m a couch potato legit I’m on a couch in a onesie rn and it’s quarter past eleven what am I doing with my life :clock2::clock7::clock12::clock530::clock1030::clock3::clock8::clock130::clock630::clock1130::clock1230:


Hi there! Your project seems really cool!


Hey @Chibimeringue since you’re so good at coding, is there any way to simplify this piece of code:

`When (Color that I want a circle to turn into’s value) = (1)

Set color (of circle to the color I want)`

And there are 10 different colors (or choices).

I’ve tried the check once if blocks blocks but to no avail.


Thanks so much!
Maybe could you provide some pictures though please?


@Chibimeringue already posted the exact code that I thought of. Is this fully solved now?


Hfshfs my iPad is on 1% rn so I’ll try to explain this in text.

There’s a circle, which has different choices to make it change color.

Color1 has the code:
When self is tapped:
Set (Color) to 1

(Color) is an iPad value.

Color2 has the code:
When self is tapped:
Set (Color) to 2 and so on.

There are 10 colors.

The circle that can change colour has this code:

When (Colour) = 1
Change the colour (Green Looks and Sounds blocks) to Orange

When (Colour) = 2
Change the colour (Looks and Sounds blocks) to Pink.

…and so on.

My question is, how do I simplify the code for the circle without having to create a new when for each block?

If you’re still confused, I’ll upload pics later.


Uh ummm I don’t really know maybe please add pics later…