I need help with a drawing for my game



I want to have the Greek god Dionysus in one of my games but I can’t find a pic of him that I like and I am horrible at drawing. Could someone please help me out with a drawing? Thx. Just tag me @silverbrook10


What does he look like?


Dark brown long hair
Dark eyes
Wearing a toga
Maybe a few grape vines since he is the god of look it up because it is a drink that begins with w that hopscotch forum won’t let me say the name of??? :wine_glass:


Okay I will get to it I’d also find someone else to do it since Im not be the best artist


is it a girl?


No boy. Greek god. Son of Zeus if you’re into mythology.


:pp i didnt read the posts above ok

i like percy jackson tho :ppp

If your looking for artists, I think you should ask @ChickenGirl , I believe she is doing requests at the moment.


@chickengirl could you draw the Greek god Dionysus for me?


sure :+1:


@ChickenGirl how fast can you do it?


I can get it done within the hour. 20 minutes at best, 1 and a half hours at absolute worst, I’d estimate :slight_smile:
Why, are you on a bit of a time crunch?


Yeah I am on a time crunch


@silverbrook10, here it is! Sorry it took me so long, and the bgs lazy I got a tad carried away with the background and stuff.
Let me know if there’s anything you want me to edit. Hope it’s ok
Edit: gave the glass he’s holding more shading


I did one @silverbrook10


All I can say is good luck on your project. I couldnt draw if my life depended on it.


lol its not great


It looks like he’s seen unseeable things xD (no offense)


Lol yeh i did it in less than five minuts sooo


Good luck on your project! You already have some amazing drawings entered, I can’t wait to see the final result! :slight_smile: