I need help with a badge


How do you get a regular badge, please respond soon thx.


Hi @Rockstar4ever! Go here to learn about trust levels :slightly_smiling:


You get a regular budge when you've been on for 100 days!


.....and you need to have less than five flags, just pointing that out.


I'm a regular and I think I had more than 5 flags and congrats on being a regular!


Just check your posts, there could be less. Or maybe the badges system is getting glitchy


Nvm I got this like two weeks ago.


I have zero flags!!!


This helps thx guys!


I was talking to @friendship2468 about that. Just saying


@Ihasfluffycupcakes u were talking about what


friendship said that she thinks that she has more than 5 flags and shes a regular but I told her to check again or maybe it was a glitch. thats what we were talkn about (sorry typos)


Oh that makes a lot of scence