I Need Help Testing A Game!


Hi Everyone! I am working on a game similar to Mini Metro. It is full of bugs and freezes often. I will be taking on multiple people, YOU WILL GET CREDIT!!!
Current Testers:

Latest Version Link:

Happy Testing!


I can help you test your game! Sign me up


Where is your project?




Consider Yourself Signed Up!... Becuase Well, You Are...


I posted it :stuck_out_tongue:


Yeah you did.


I really like the game, even if it has some bugs like you already have mentioned. I tested it, so I guess that I have signed up as a tester...


I'll test your game! You were so much help when I needed my game tested.


It's an awesome game! The only problem is that you can't draw the line were you want.


Yes. I do have a fix to this problem. However, it makes the train INCREDIBLY slower.


I will show you it.



EDIT: Woops Wrong Link
this is the right one:


Would you mind explaining how the game is supposed to work?


Sure! So, it is unfinished currently. But when it is finished (or out of testing) it will be a game where a train goes from station to station picking up and dropping off passengers. If a station gets overcrowded, GAME OVER. just like the real Mini Metro. And Trains will be earned every so often, so no more inf supply. And stations will spawn randomly, so you have to hook them up to your network of trains so it doesn't get overcrowded. I could say this differently if you would like? Any suggestions btw