I need help testing a game (I don't need more testers):D



@BellaWafflez17 @KVJ I'm done


I would like to test it if you still need testers.


Tap the what?


Check your remixes


I'm on iPad, is that ok?


Yeah just no computers. It won't work on web.


(I'm going to make sure I got everyone)
Changes you want:
What you want to be called in the credits:


I can't really find the link, can you send it to me? Thanks!


Ok, one sec




I love it! I think the titles are slightly too long and maybe some music wouldn't hurt?(I'll help with that!) Also, some of the words overlap!


It has music...


I don't have my sound on... Whoops! :no_mouth:


I was worried cause when I tried my sound is low and I had the speaker pressing against my shirt and couldn't hear it.


It's good. I think waiting for the title is a bit long.
Sometimes I click the buttons and nothing happens

And right when I clicked the difficulty, it started. I wasn't ready so I died


Ok. I'll add that to the HTP so you're prepared.


I doubled the title speed and added a warning in HTP difficulty. link
Form if you want...
Changes you want:
What you want to be called in the credits:


It's pretty cool! But with the title and loading screen the text object overlapped like so:


Ok. On my device it's laggy, so could you count for how many seconds it's like that?


If not I can do extra work to make it overlap for less time. @KVJ