I need help testing a game (I don't need more testers):D



Hi. I need some people to test a game for me.
no more are needed :smiley: I've been working on it since August and want it as good as possible.


I'd love to test it!


What's you hs name? I'm doing it in an odd way


I'll help you! I'd love to Beta Test!


Ok. Thanks!! What's your HS username?


Who are you on HS?


Is your HS name the same as your hali name?


To late. He he. I'm Nindroid games™


I need to know yours. Otherwise it won't work.


What is hali name?
My HS and forum names are the same. I used to be @readingpolarbear if you want to check out my coding there!


I typed in hsf name.


I'd love to test it


Ok. Is your HS name ella_13




@Ella_13 and @IKeudin check your remixes for one by a username that has two uppercase "e"s look at their first project and do it. Don't remix it or say the username or instructions please. @BellaWafflez17 I couldn't find you. Thanks. (You need to be on mobile, sorry)


Testing is fun…when you…play games?

Me :neutral_face:

I'm blanked


Sorry I'm late! My Hopscotch username is iWaffle.


K one sec.


Can I test it?
I'm Komplettverrücktjunge


Ok one sec