I need help...... plz


How do I delete my account? Or it's just the staff that can delete it?
I need help....tnxs


Why do you want to delete your account?


i think that it's only staff that can do that


Umm.......for some kind of private reasons but I would let u guys know when it's time.


I don't think you can, staff can but after you're a basic (I think) the "delete account" button goes away.


I'll tag them. Thanks 4 d info


You can delete all your posts, but that's really it.
You can do this by pressing the three dots next to the "Reply" button on your posts, and then the trash can button. However, you can't delete lots of posts during a short amount of time, so it takes a while to delete all your posts.
Like Himynameismeredith1 said, once you move up from basic, the delete button goes away.
Why do you want to leave? You've been super cool. :smiley: