I need help on something



Kind of a sequal to this - http://forum.gethopscotch.com/t/help-rename-my-project/21040

Anyways Im stressed about that project. Or the ridiculousness test. Dont look down if you dont want to be spoiled.

so umm

Yea I dont know how to program this sooooo, does anyone know? k thanks bye.


How about this:

Set one bear's size to say, 150. Then another to 200, and one to 100.

Then, add a new rule that happens 'When Bear 1 is tapped.' Bear 1 would be the one at size 100.

Then, 'Set Value (value1) to 5.'

Then add a rule to Bear 2, the one at 150. 'When Bear 2 is tapped'

Then, 'Check once if (value1) equals 5.

Inside the Check Once If, put 'Set Value (value2) 6.'

On the biggest bear (bear 3) add a new rule that happens 'When Bear 3 is tapped.'

The rule would be, 'Check once if (value1) equals 5.'

Inside that, put another check once if, which should be:

'Check once if (value2) equals 6.'

Inside that, put whatever code that you want to happen when someone taps the bears from smallest to largest!

I hope it was clear, tell me if you need any more help! :slight_smile:


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