I need help on making an art pad!


I REALLY wanna make an art pad but i do not know the code. Will someone just give me the basic details?

Art Pad Help (Any Tips?)

What type of art pad do you want to make? There's a toonnnn


I have made an drawing pad last week and another drawing pad today. I can help you, but like @PopTart0219 said, there are a lot of pads, so what exactly?
You can take a look at my drawing pads, and if you use any code, it's fine but please give credit to me.
My drawing pad SuperDraw has some colors, a cursor, size settings and more, so look there if you want.
Anyways, good luck with your art pad, and tag me i (or reply) if you have any questions!


1.You will probably need a notebook. Draw your drawing pad plan on paper or keep it in your brain. Write down what features your pad would have.
2.Branch other people's drawing pads. Record down what feature every drawing pad have.
3.Start coding!
4.Branch a HSB color picker. I recommend you to use t1's. Pick the colors you want and record the HSB code in your notebook.
5.Remember to give credits!:wink: