I need help on a project that might take months



I think a way to make it 3D is by using clones.
Also, maybe the randomized yellow (Or multicolor for the special colorful one) (I think this is called the splash text) on the main menu, like real Minecraft, would be a nice addition.


Yes. I might make a different maze or 3d game like an old game boy FPS b cuz those are cool and also I’m going to learn the basics


Of coding in 3 dimensions


You know what I’m going to try to at least stick with it and produce some sort of game




B cuz I’ve given up too many times and this is not one of those times


I ha⁣te to be the breaker of bad news, but that is too hard to make and not worth the time. The Rubik’s cube only runs at 40FPS on a high performance device, and Minecraft needs a lot more blocks and set width height blocks to work. This means your project might run 10FPS at best on a high performance device, more or less a device from 2+ years ago


That’s ok b cuz I might create a cool project though


Who created the Rubik’s cube b cuz that’s sick I loved it


@ThinBuffalo created that. It uses a bit of complex formulas, I suggest you take a look at that. That only codes for a floating block. Changing the Position of that is a whole new story. He may be able to pull off 3D block rendering (like MC) if you give him a few months.

Edit: I am actually going to start a huge project soon as well. If you see my E-Pad project under my favorites, that is the old one. I am planning on a whole new remake.


Wow that sounds complex. I might also create a game that is a little bit simpler and runs smoother using some sort of code


Good idea! You can take the code for some of the blocks in @MagmaPOP’s Minecraft Maker and @CreationsOfaNoob’s Minecraft simulator. (Note: this is for 2D mode (if you want to add a switch between 2D and 3D modes). For 3D mode, take the code from @MagmaPOP’s Minecraft Sneak-Up.)


Sneak Up is still 2D. It hides the vertical distance instead of depth


But when you look at it, it’s 3D.


That is an illusion. Unless you are talking about the creeper 3D emojitexture object, the field is still 2D


Idea Mini Nuke!

The Mini-Nuke, half size, half price!

One of those giant pixel arts
EEXTREEMLY complex art pad
3D Minecraft
2D Minecraft
Giant scenery trail art
Pokémon (Anything)
A Card Game
Aquarium Maker
Mini game hub
Centipede (or Milipede)
A Beach
Train Simulation
A “If you had $1,000,000 what would you do with it?”
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Okay. Maybe the field is 2D in Minecraft Sneak-Up, but you can tell that Steve and the creeper are 3D from the angle they are set on. I don’t have enough time to go on with the 3D blocks, but the Rubik’s Cube project he was talking about really sets off the feeling of the blocks in 3D. Plus, @CreationsOfaNoob showed off good effort with Steve and creepers in 2D.


Yes, I don’t know why 3D emojitexture died down though. It was popular in its reign


I agree. This is probably why they removed the #emojitecture channel. (Disclaimer: this was before I joined Hopscotch.)


Oh I forgot about that channel. lol