I need help on a project that might take months



I need help on my project. I want to make a game that is like Minecraft cuz scratch has already done it and if anyone can do it that would be very cool btw if you also want to do this yourself you can I just want to make this project so yeah if this works and I can get the right code then it will work and 3d is possible as you’ve seen with the Rubik’s cube by that featured guy

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Anyone who contributes anything will be automatically put in the games credits at the title screen


I can only publish at school though cuz for sum reason so yeah


This sounds cool! I’d love to help out!


I can make music!
If you need any…


Hello @ThinBuffalo


If you need any specific help, I’ll be there! Just ask :slight_smile:


I might be able to help with values if you need any help!


i could help if you want

i can try to find bugs and stuff


I’m trying to start somewhere but I don’t know where


This is extremely hard. Not that many people know how to do it. If you’re going for the 3D, it could be insane.
But, if you can get like one block in 3D, that might be an sort of ok starting point. There will be a lot of math involved which means you’ll look up a lot of stuff.
I hope you could get this done! Good luck! :smiley:


Oh the I might abandon it


that’s a thought
not before you try though


I was trying to do a little bit and I couldn’t even do it


hmmmm… try looking at the code of other 3D projects and try to get what the math does. Use a pencil and paper if you need. I’m just trying to suggest some things to you. I have no idea how 3D in Hopscotch works.


Ok. I probably might make a maze game or an easier game to code


Sounds good to me


Ok bye c u later whenever ur back on


Try learning

  • clones
  • movable 3D stuff
  • values?
  • positions

That might help with the project,


Yes thank you also I added polls to my gt I will add some Q&a stuff as well but I’ll be sure to list the king of Q&a