I need help on a project -ArNR

On my project when it gets to 200 clones they are supposed to go back to the main circle and start drawing again, but it doesn’t work, please help and here is the project:


Wait let me see the code first

Hold up for a second


OMG German title!!

I may be wrong but this is my thinking after a quick read through of the code

If you look at the last three rules for the circle, in the first two there is a contrast.

First of the three rules sets the variable CC to 1, 400 times
The second sets it to 0, but seemingly only once.

That leaves the value 399 times larger than it should be.


It's a German game and thanks.

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I fixed it in a different way:

(It was easy, I'm SO dumb!)

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Clive only, (no deprecate)

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