I need help on a game!


Hi! This is Crazy_cake and once again I need some game help! Credit will be given!
Link- https://c.gethopscotch.com/p/xwegaykdk
So basically my problems are when the value seeds increases to 50 you go the menu and buy your first flower to go in your garden but it won't do it :frowning: can somebody try to find the error in my code? Thank you I really need it! - Crazy_caks


I'm on it! I hope it's not a glitch!


Thank you a lot! @LazyLizard



I'll have to find time to sit down and go through the code, my mind is forming an idea of the glitch! I think when "buy the thing that costs 50" is tapped, set value (whatever text is) to (text value) -59. And don't forget to make it text that!


Thank you! I'll try that


Tell me if it doesn't work and I'll take a look at the code!


Did it work?

Just wondering! :smiley:


It did! Thank you! :D