I Need help making the game



I’m trying to make this game called Combat Shooters it’s a shooting game and I need help first I want it to be 3D it does not have to but it would be cool I need the gameplay to be better and the main menu to be good so f so one can help please do so but I don’t know how you can help


Also I need help because the bullet does not come out of the thing you shoot with I never been featured and I really want to


Ask @CreationsOfaNoob for somebody that is really good at making 3D games!


Would you be able to draw pictures of what you want it to do and post it here, then put screenshots of what your project is doing? That way we can get clear ideas on how to help.


Just a note: don’t push yourself too much :)


Ok I will thank for telling me


3D like that


But for this game


For this game


:) :))


3D in a 2D program is an illusion. You want your player to think the background and characters are 3D. This means that shading and angles need to be thought out and interactive, which can be pretty difficult. But it isn’t impossible.
MagmaPop made a useful tutorial a long time ago about creating 3D emojis: 3D Tutorial: Basics. You can apply these concepts to the characters in your game to make them look 3D. A lot of “Set position” blocks would need to be used, and if your characters ever flip around, you’ll want the 3D to follow what you tell the character to do. Maybe try to work on the characters first before you move onto the background. Do you want the background to move around or stay in place?


How do you want to code it? Just google your method (e.g 3D projection) and try and learn how to use it.