I need help, @liza, please?

When somebody searches up "GinnyPotterFry​:blue_heart::blue_heart:'' nothing appears. Yet, when they search up somebody else, it's there. What's wrong? @Liza HELLLLLLLP MEEEEEEE


This also happened to my alt, "MG - King of Random". It somehow just doesn't show up when you search.

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Hi again! Where's da magic trick?

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It's on my other account, which I can't search for :// One second.

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Okay I can be patient...

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Mabye they changed there name?

It's a bug. I've reported it to the team, don't worry.

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Same. When I search up mi irl frens,

slurping chicken,

It shows nothing... :sweat:

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Yeah same with DanielTiger​:yum:

He doesn't care so yeah