I need help in pixel art


Okay.....I kind of made this pixel art and it was medium in size I wanted to make a smaller one just like that and when I did, the smaller stays on top of the other one. I tried to keep them separate but i can't.
Any help?


Do you have any photos I can look at?


Hold on a sec, plz...


This is the pixel art

This is what happens when I try to make the smaller art

Then it basically looks like this with the small pixel art on top of the medium sized one. It might be hard to see

Any suggestions?


Or any help?..........


@anikeony- I'm no good at pixel art, but I think your problem is that your two objects are set to go to same position to make the pixel art. If they go to different positions, than I'm pretty sure one won't be on top of the other.


Thanks @KayKat or maybe now my Senpai.


Are you trying to do two pixel arts at the same time? Or just one? I'd be happy to help


Two at the same time if that's possible.


Like @kaykat said, you need to have a different starting point for your new pixel art