I need help forums!


Help please! ON beta hopscotch (New Version) when I logged in to my account, it made me go to my account but it was like I went back in time! (Cheesy) Im serious though, everything was like old. There were no projects that were newer than like 2016! I checked my account and I had my first projects only! I freaked out and checked the normal Hopscotch but it was still fine...
Help pls! :sweat:


...what were u goin to say


When I exit the app, it logs me off


Hmm... I suggest emailing the hopscotch team at help@gethopscotch.com! They can help you with bugs. :smile:


Thanks Dude73! Your helpful


Thanks! Are you new to hopscotch as well? :smile:


Yeah, that's def a bug. We're working on that.
: /


Yes I am new @Dude73


That's awesome! I've been on hopscotch since October, and it is so fun, and such an amazing place to learn to code! :smile:


Do you have an iPad to code on? That would be much more better!:wink:


I've been Hopscotchin' since October too!:wink:


@KVJ is (HELP) the only category on the forums?


For you: yes. Once you reach Regular, there is another, called Lounge :wink:


How do u reach regular? DO u have to be on forums for a long time and do u have to do stuff?


Yeah. You have to have been on for 50+ days and read a gazillion posts and topics :wink:


CAn anyone help pls??


What do you need help with?


how can I fix my problem? is it fixable? @KVJ




What's the problem? The beta stuff?