I need help for HHC2016!


I need help for HHC2016! Can someone tell me how to keep score on a game?
For example when you tap a certain object your score goes up +1.
When I publish the project I will give credit to the person who helps me.


You use this code:

When object is tapped
Increase value (Score) by 1


I am still having a bit trouble.The number won't change.


Then also have a repeat forever block with Set Text to (Score) inside it.


I can't put score in the set text box.
Sorry, but I haven't made a game in months.





Oh my gosh thanks so much! I guess I needed visuals.


Mine doesn't seem to be working. Am I doing anything wrong?


Change the anything block to the thing that hits the object. Then it should work.


Thanks a lot! I appreciate it!


You are welcome!! If you need anymore help just ask me!!


It's still staying at one whenever an object hits it!


Am I doing any thing wrong?


It is doing the same to me.


I tried to post a video on what's happening but I can't.


Remove the Set Score to 0, because that resets the score everytime you tap on Zombear.


@PenguinGaming713 @PIANOMAN Think about what's going on. When you tap or bump or whatever your rule is, your code sets "Score" to 0, increases score by 1, and then set's text to score. That means it will always stay at 1.
Instead, spread it out over multiple rules:

When play button is tapped:
Repeat forever
Set Text to Score

When (object) is tapped
Increase score by 1


I did it!happy dance




Thanks @BuildASnowman! That helped a lot!