I need help! Draw Pad+Music Kit=Kaboom!



So... I am trying... TRYING to make an art pad, and it's gonna be mixed with the music kit xD

I already figured out the invisibility thing, so when you press "art" everything music will go completely invisible
and when you press "music", vise versa.

The problem is, I don't have experience making a draw pad! (@MagmaPOP you were right lol)

So... I need someone to help me.

And because this is going to be one of my best projects, I need someone trustworthy, loyal to me.


A CLOSE friend. (sorry, I have to trust only these people)
Experience with making art pads

thats it lol

@OrangeScent1, @Gilbert189, @PopTart0219 (probably not lol) and other peeps.

Thats it!

The trouble with Credit And Stuff

I volunteer as a tribute


I got this!!!!! I love art pads!!!:stuck_out_tongue:


I can help you with it!


No guys,
A) I was first
B) Hunger Games reference
Just kidding XD
It's however F4LO decides


The reason it has to be a close friend or an acquaintance is because if someone messes something up, or moves one text, it can rig the whole project. It took me like 1 hour to allign the piano keys


@Follow4LikesOfficial you may need a competition... :wink:


We shall fight till there is one left...:stuck_out_tongue::joy:


But but... Da hunger games reference though ;-;


ok.... um ;-;

I cant decide...


The only 3 people you tagged all responded within a minute.:joy:


I guarantee you either Gilbert or PopTart will win if it's a coding competition... I'm just not at their level XD


Friendly Competition?

@Gilbert189 I would respond sooner, but I was watching NCIS :wink:


How about a poll? Let the public decide

  • Why are you doing a poll for a poll? xD but sure.
  • no, I wanna competition




Do like a triathlon, with art and code and stuff!!!!!


ok competition wins .-.


Like banana Joe once said:
Three go in!
One comes out!


Unless 6 go in, then 2 come out.:wink::joy:




So um how's the comp going to go down?