I need help decreasing slides text [solved]



So I am making a game where there is a slideshow involved, and I need for there to be a way to make the slide go back one. When the slide is decreased, it should make the text go back one, which I cannot figure out how to do. @CodeHelp Here is a link


Use Set positions and slide variables maybe? 1st post if anyone still does that


When blank is tapped decrease slide by one
When slide equals 2 set text to _____
When slide equals one set text to _____

That should work


Got it

Just do the code and it works. :slight_smile:


I’d like to help, but the link doesn’t seem to be working.

Edit: Though I think @GameCodingCrazy123 got it


Fixed! All you needed to do was

When Self Is Tapped

Increase Zodiac Sign by -1

I also tweaked the instructions a bit, so they don’t go down and shrink each time they’re tapped.


Ok, I can lounge this now, thanks for your help!!


Don’t lounge these, other people could reference it if they need help on the same thing instead of making a new topic about it


Ok then, I did not know that. I can unlounge it


I´m happy that you got this solved! :slight_smile: