I Need Help Deciding Something


Hello all,

I’m currently working on two larger projects right now. A 2-D platformer in which I have released some small versions of, and a Mini Golf game that I plan to release once I complete it. Both of these I am really proud of so far, and I’d like to know which one sounds cooler or more wanted just so I can work on it more and maybe get it out sooner.

I’d also like to know what sounds better for the platformer as well.

If you could do these polls that would be very beneficial to me:

  • Mini Golf
  • 2-D Platformer Game

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For the 2-D Platformer:

  • Small Levels
  • One large level
  • Final boss
  • Level editor (might do this as a separate game)

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(Also if this is in the wrong topic feel free to move it or ask me to)


do golf and mini levels :fire:


Somehow I cannot tap the polls and vote. But I think that both ideas are good and you could do whatever game you want!


Yes, I closed the polls. The choice for which game was rather close, and I like the mini golf game more, so I decided that I’m going to work on it more first. And the other one was a landslide so I closed them both.

Thanks to everybody who voted! I’ll put a link here when I complete it. Or somewhere else on the forums.


Okay, that explains why I couldn’t vote then. Good luck working on those games!


Two weeks later