I need help creating a scoring system for my game!


I'm having trouble adding a scoring system to my game. Basically, there are about 24 squares in the game. I want each square to add 100 pts to the score as they are tapped. There are three squares that will deduct 50pts. My other problem is that I cannot tell the square #s on the edit screen. Is there somewhere that would tell me what square # I'm working with?


If you are using the shapes, you can tap the word 'square' and enter a new name.


The rules should be for the text
Get a value
Name it score
Rule: when play button is tapped set value score to 0
Rule: when deduction square is tapped, increase value score by -50
Rule: when addition square is tapped, increase value score by 100
Rule: when play button is tapped, repeat forever set text to score.


Ask @SmileyAlyssa! She is really good with values and will definently help. :slightly_smiling:


A scoring system? I'm in! Here are the steps:

First, set a value (I call mine score) to 0
Then, when earth square is tapped, add increase value Score by 100
And when the three bad squares are tapped, add increase value Scire by -50
Then to show the score, add a text and add a new rule to that
In that rule, do a repeat forever block and inside that repeat forever do a set text to Score


Tap on the square. See the text below that says Square, Square 2, Square 3, etc.? Tap it. Then you can change the name. And for the score, use an increase value block to increase the score, but not on the score text. For the score text:

When the play button is tapped

Repeat forever:
Set text to [go to values and pick the same value you used on the increase value block]