I need help coding my Character Creator game


So far, you can customize the skin color, eyes, eyebrows, nose, and mouth. For the hair, I'm trying to make different hair styles.
Here's a sneak peek for long hair:

I'm trying to make a code that tells the long hair object:
When Step is greater than 5 ... And when hair style = 1
Set invisibility 0, if else set invisibility 100

I can't figure out how to make this code work, so if you know how that would be great. I will give credit for the code.

Thanks in advance,
Tori the Crafter :yellow_heart:


You'll just need to use a Repeat Forever block and a couple of Check If Else blocks. :D

This code should work:

This tells the object to repeatedly check if "Step" is greater than 5. If it's not, the object becomes invisible. However, if it is, the object checks if "hair style" is equal to 1. If it is, the object becomes fully visible, but if it isn't, the object becomes fully invisible. :D

I hope this helps! :D


Thank you!! I think the problem was that I was using check once if blocks instead of check once if else blocks. I'll make sure to give credit to you in the game! :slight_smile:


No problem! :D


Thanks for the follow, by the way!

I appreciate it! c:


Np! You deserve it :smiley: