I need help again

I have several ideas, but I have no idea which to do. I’ve been debating in my head, but I can’t decide. So, which one should I do?

  • A Breakout Clone
  • Code Cracker Game
  • Some sort of unique draw thing
  • Another Bill Wurtz Inspired Text Movie
  • Shape Art

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(im lazy, which is why this poll exists)


First! Hi! It’s really up to you regarding what you would like to code, but here’s the help you asked for anyway! Good luck and happy coding @DiamondSamuraiREAL!


I agree, but I still voted for the poll! I haven’t really seen a “code cracker” anywhere on Hopscotch before, so that was why I voted for that!


Similar to @William04GamerA, the choice is up to you, however the code cracker option seemed to appeal to me as well!

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You can never go wrong with bill wurtz

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I thought code cracker meant something related to crackers-


Aight, poll is closed. Time to get to work.