I need help! :0 :0 :0



I was typing a post on the forum and when I tried to make a _ all the letters got super tiny on the forum, I can barely read what I'm writing right now. How do I fix this??? Even when I deleted the tab and looked up the HSF again the letters were still really tiny! ( Letters aren't tiny in any other tabs, it's just the forum :(] )


Really weird bug! Maybe try clearing your browsing history?

Also, if it is Hopscotch forum related then I think it is okay :wink:

  1. It's forum related
  2. Can I see a screenshot?


I'm on an old computer so I can't do screenshots.


It's probably because the computer is old


But it's never done this before.


Try restarting the computer


The letters are still tiny. :(


try restarting your computer, clearing browsing history, or asking your parents
Did that help XD


Maybe it could be your zoom settings on your browser. Check those.


The entire page thing is shrunk? Maybe you pressed a wrong button?

Try pressing Ctrl and 0 together to see if that helps...


I can't help I know nothing about old computers :|


That fixed it! :D