I need halp :0000




Ooh I made a customisable extreme CoSine BG!!!! Go me, go me, go me!!!!!

K let's publish this extreme baby


Wait why does my name say BETA at the end of it....?


DOH Because I published it on the beta!! Ugh, go me.


Ikr I'm so weird X3

So is thers any way to get a project on the beta and on my beta account (Rainboom​:smile_cat: - BETA) to the real hopscotch and my actual hopscotch account? 1:

I know it's a big one, but I'm so proud of this project :)



-A Pokémon-go-crazy Apple :D


I dunno


Or you could take photos of the code (if there's not to much)
I dunno....


I don't think there's a way to transfer projects, but idk.

You might have to copy and paste all the code.
Sorry :grimacing:


Remixing - Beta projects are on a different server so don't think that'll work

Copy & Paste - doesn't currently work between projects

  1. I'd try emailing THT, and ask if they can move it
  2. Advanced possibilities:
    A. Review how @BuildASnowman accessed files for his midi hack. You should conceptually be able to copy projects to another account.
    B. Setting up a proxy server should allow the data to be copied without messing with iTunes

Worse case, just remember that's it's easier the second time.


I don't think so, sorry. :frowning:
Everything I've published on the BETA has not appeared on the regular hopscotch, even when the update comes out.


I don't think so...



I guess there's a way, but it's a little tedious and hard. I'm not able to do it, for security and protocol reasons. :slight_smile:


Alright, I understand :)

I'll just take pictures of the code and recreate it :D


And what kind of proxies did you use?! I used to own a my standard proxy provider (advanced.name/ru) but nothing happened.


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