I need game ideas!

So far I have made a make a cake game and an ice cream game. I want to make another game (not necessarily food related), but I have no clue what to make. I will credit you if I use your idea. Also I will follow you if I use your idea and you tell me your name. :grin::stuck_out_tongue_closed_eyes::relaxed:


This is @PopTart0219 's huge list of ideas!!! I just copy and pasted by the way, they are all from her!

Rainforest music
My Pet Bird
Hotel Manager
Buisness Master
iPod with Music
Little Alchemy
Stay Alive game through choices
Space Game
Racing (Space Race?)
Draw a Character
Make Your Own Character
Shooting Star game/comet
Drawing Pad multiple brushes
[food or drink] maker
Grocery store
Coffee house
Duck Hunt
Dinner Dash
Stay Alive
Coffee House
Mall Manager
A board game (Life, Monoply, etc.)
A cooking game
A spy movie
A school movie
A school simulator
A simulator
A maze
Something 2.5D
An arcade game
Pixel art
Emoji pixel art
Don't let the Pigs(animal) Pass
In-Editor Scavenger Hunt
Food launcher
RNA Transcription
Create a store
Chocolate maker
Vaccination game
Production line
Fish slap
Vaccinate the city
Musical instrument

Again ALL from PopTart0219!


Thanks so much! I love your Hopscotch channel (not sure how to say that). Follow me? I'm HappyHurricane.

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Got it! :wink:

That's a long list of ideas, @PopTart0219.

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Nice ice cream game! I love it!


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Tell me ones you need elaboration on :wink:


Welcome to the Forum!
If you ever need anything, don't be afraid to ask for help!
Use @PopTart0219's tag list. :wink:

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HappyHurricane aren't u working on Vaccinate the city right now??

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Working on a Fluttershy pixel art right now here’s the image I’m using:

This is going to be hard


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You could try a vertical scroller type game like Legend Of Zelda :slightly_smiling:

An action game! I'm also finding some ideas...