I need feedback!



So hi everybody. I'm still working on my "Flow Free" game. But I have a big problem. I have no clue what to do next on the project...here's what I started:

I just started coding on hopscotch, so I would love your opinion:heart:Tell me what you think! Is it okay so far?

Edit: I will be posting daily updates (possibly pictures) on game progress


That looks SUPER cool! One thing that I know about the "Flow" games is that they're hard to make, I've tried before. But great start!:wink:


@Gilbert189 Thanks! :blush:


I think the game will be great, but will be hard to code. If you work really hard on it and take your time it could be amazing.


Yeh. Coding can be very stressfull sometimes


Don't be stressed!!! Just have fun


Disclaimer: I have no idea what flow is but this still looks really cool. So what is flow about?


It looks really cool! The game will be awesome! It would definitely go on featured or something! Need any help?


In one version there's a season pack and everything is based on season. I really like that pack because it looked really nice. You should make the seasons pack.


Thanks everyone for the support!


@Creatorstyle It's kinda hard to explain so you might wanna go to the appstore and look it up...

Basically, Flow is like a connect the dots. Except there are rules...You can't overlap colors, and only matching colors can be connected to each other...(It's very confuzzling when you type it out like this) You can only draw a line from the dot in certain directions, and yeh...it gets harder as ya go along...


I would :heart:️ some help...thx for asking!


Wow. Great futuristic layout you've got there! Are you thinking of game mechanics?




It's going to be great, @Doodliedoo. I... erm.... Now, what was I about to say...? I keep getting... distracted by that creepy dancing troll-faced-dude thing above my post.

I'm... uh...

Oh, yeah! The layout looks like it's going to be very pro. Very slick. I wanted to ask... that dude is still freakin' me out... ("Look down. Look down. Don't look at it. Try not to look at it...") I wanted to ask, how far along are you on the game? And how are you going to handle the logic of the player's moves? It might be tricky, but I have an idea that is likely to work. First, though, I'm wondering if you wanted to talk about your code. Is that the kind of "feedback" that would interest you?


You're welcome :3 I brought it to the forum


@Doodliedoo, @oio's tutorials are helpful! I don't know if it's possible to make a line connecting different objects like in the real game, unless @oio proves otherwise in the next post :P.


Well, the truth is I could say, "I know exactly how to do that," because I do know one way that I like for doing this. But that might short-circuit the whole discussion. And it would be, well, wrong, because, even if my method works, there is almost certainly more than one way to do it. And someone's is probably better than mine. That's why I'm so curious what @Doodliedoo will have to say. It's fun to share ideas and knock them around a little, see which ones survive. You know... :slightly_smiling:


Ok! Sorry, I can't like (I have ran, and walked out of them),
but I chart ienlau (I'm going to leave that there, I meant certainly lol autocorrect) agree, it feels better when you experiment with the code yourself and figure out a way.

I don't know if you've ever noticed this, but https://c.gethopscotch.com/p/xruw2xsxb :stuck_out_tongue:


You are so RIGHT!

And, oh, my goodness. No, I had not seen that project. I feel bad for not having even noticed it, so I could say "Thanks." Nice things to say, those were. There's a LOT of room at the cool kids' table in my school. Everyone's invited.

Thanks, @Follow4LikesOfficial. And awesome luck with the rest of this great-looking game, @Doodliedoo!