I need feedback on my game!



Please check out this game & give feedback. I really need to know what I can improve. Cake maker! ( press this )
Thank you if you checked it out.
If you have any suggestions for things I could do please tell me!


Try doing shape instead Of emojis they have better quality and make the Music a little less annoying it's kinda repetitive


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That's only because the links are laggy but if you play it on the app it works perfectly


Awesome game! :D

A few suggestions and ideas... :D

  • Colored candles!
  • More toppings! (e.g. Strawberries, or chocolate.)
  • More colors?
  • Like @Fifithefunnyflower said, shape art would look a little better then the emojis. :D
  • A background!


You should make the oven 3D :wink:.


Thanks for the suggestions. I'm not very good at making music. :grinning: So I'm sorry that it's kinda annoying if you want to do the music on it we could make a 1.2 edition and I would give you credit. But, if you don't want to or don't have time I totally understand. :smile:


Try using shape art and make the music less repetitive, but it's a great game:)


Like I said to @Fifithefunnyflower we could collab on the project and make it better. My weaknesses are obviously the draggable things and the music. And the different colours of candles are a great idea.


I would love to do the music! do you have a special song I mind?


Not really ...
I think that ANYTHING you make will be awesome! :smiley:


This is just a poll for my game.

  • could use improvement
  • So so
  • Amazing !



Hey @Fifithefunnyflower do you want to start our collab on the cake maker? If you make the music just publish it and then we can start working on the ingredients and the oven. ;D


I kinda have my hands full right now but I can make the music!


Okay ! I can't wait to hear the music !


Are you still collaborating w/ me ?


Ummm...sorry I can't :grin: