I need EVERY forumer to try and do this!



Hi everyone!! SO I need every forumer to say something nice and about hopscotch for a project I am making! (not giving to much details) Thanks!! Everyones will be included!


Hopscotch is great for ppl to learn coding that have never done it before. :slight_smile:


@SmilingSnowflakes I want to be your record of :Ds.
I also look up to you as SSA or SmilingSnowflakes's Apprentice
Edit: Major fail

Hopscotch makes coding look easy :D


Hopscotch inspires! Hopscotch makes your day, every day you go on Hopscotch, feel different. In the best way possible. It gives you something to think about, and the possibilities are endless. It inspires you to try harder; be you!


Hopspctch brought all the nicest coders ever right here!


Hopscotch is amazing it help people like you and me code something Awsome


Hopscotch encourages you to create, not consume~~~ :slight_smile:


So, Although you think you aren't good, you are. Hopscotch makes that possible. It is awesome


Hopscotch is so awesome, Scratch is jealous!


Hopscotch is positivity! Hopscotch is awesome! Hopscotch is the best of best! :D


Gulp I love scratch and hopsoctch!


How is that related???


Wait! When is it? If it's today then I guess I am not following the rules.


Hopscotch allows us to create, and to inspire others by doing so. It allows us to be creative, to express ourselves in ways we never have before.

As an added bonus, it's built an amazing community, bringing people from all around the world together, allowing us not only to communicate, but to help and inspire each other.

I love Hopscotch! :D


Hopscotch is so amazing! I got addicted on da first day!-hopscotch username~vanillapowder


I love this game, without it I wouldn't be coding.


if it's just one, we can achive. if it's two or more, we can achive more.~justanotherhopscotcher/@hopscotch_king


Hopscotch is a great app for expressing yourself and for you to show your talents!


Hopscotch is incredibly amazing and awesome!!!