I need drawing help!



okay so i am making a game on scratch BUT i need help with drawing so it's a battle game so I need drawing lessons for 2.5D so then! I can also do it on hopscotch also!


People how are great at drawing


Don't know any others!


Hey! I would love to try to help! I think I'm pretty good at art! Anyway, what are you trying to do exactly?


Look at your profile picture. I would buy it :wink:

I would love to help with your art needs :wink:


Oh yeah Gilbert thanks you are awesome you should be in a musam and also I would by your art for 100 dollars!


And thanks you Can both help!


@Gilbert189 and @PopTart0219 can you tell me if you can make this 2.5D? tell me if its possible and then i can follow your instructions!


It is possible to make it three-D, but I'm not the person to go to for that kind of stuff, though I'm flattered that you thought of me! :wink:


sorry i meen 2.5D can you do that?


No, I'm sorry. I haven't had any experience with it, but maybe I'll check it out soon :wink:


okay great! @Gilbert189 i know you have exspirence with 2.5d!


Hey! What's my experience? I don't think I have a lot.


with drawing with 2.5D


I know, but what art have I don't that's 2.5D?


well nevermind thats just prespective!


Yeah, I'm not THAT great at 2.5D, and I have almost no experience.


hmm @OrangeScent1 what about you?


Why not MagmaPOP
(@MagmaPOP can you please help this HOPSCOTCHER with the experience you have? Thanks!)


I said magmaPOP but he is gone!!


Isn't he still commenting?