I need cute plant + animals for game


Can someone make shape art of a carrot, a pig, a cow, a blueberry bush, strawberry bush, a horse, a corn stalk, a wheat stalk (is that what its called!?) and a tomato plant on a blank draft? I know its a lot, but thanks!
PS: Please make them a kinda small, and add cute faces on them!

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Things Already Done

Strawberry Bush
Blueberry Bush
{Working On}
Please don't do any of these, since there already being worked on or are done! Thanks!

Thanks so much, it means a lot! If you do it, I'll be sure to add you in the credits!


I think I can do a carrot, but that's about it:sweat_smile:


Ok, anything will help!


A full body pig and cow?


I can make a blueberry bush! :D

Edit: and a strawberry bush!


Did you? And I? Post? At the same time?


Yeah I think so! :P


I can make some of the animals! :D


Wow! I'm going to have to look some of those up, and I'll try once I get back on my iPad


Doesnt matter! :slightly_smiling: {20}


Can you start on it now? I can't go any farther with out them :grin:


Okay! Going now! Should take around... 10-30 minuets.


Thanks so much! Ill add you to the credits list. Would you you like your HS username or your forum username on there?


Is this alright?


Yes its great! Can you send me the link please?


Hopscotch username please! Thank you!


@Paydent12 Just finished it!


But I want to work on the others too (horse and tomato), so later? I'll give you the link anyway: https://c.gethopscotch.com/p/xu7zhlabe
(I deleted it because I don't want WIPS scattered all over my profile...)


Thanks! Can I have the link please?


If your gonna do any of these, please check out the 'Already Done' section at the top!