I need a volunteer


This is important, I want to make a new acc.mwith a good hopscotcher so we can make cool stuff only 2 at most


@everyone please


Please, I need someone




You should use the mass tag list :P


I want a partner not the other way and I have other ideas that's spam


Yes I would love to! Thanks for asking me, that means a lot!


What should the account name be?


I'll make it tomorrow k, I have to go to bed


Okay! Sorry to keep you up!


Have an idea yet?
Maybe we could combine one thing I like and one thing you like.

  • gardening

  • pandas

  • Singing

  • coding of course!

Those are some things I like. What are some things you like.


can I be 1 of yours??????


I'd answer for you... But that's up to @PercyJackson9.


@PercyJackson9 are we still doing this?


Oh sorry yeah, what do you want to work on?


I don't know, but can you answer the question I asked you and the one @deadfr asked?


someone summoned my soul...


Should I use the mass list of ideas?