I need a shape art idea. (Make it anything)


I just need a shape art idea. Help me plz and I will fill your GT with cute cat photos


Maybe shape art of an oc or character, or a creator game?




Oc means Original Charater.


A shape art of a mountain scenery.


Animals (Penguin w/ igloo?)
Inanimate objects


A cat
A cat meme
A photoshopped cat (I haz 6 pics of photoshopped cats)


Maybe the sun and/or the moon.
For sun you make like clouds and a nice beach or something. For the moon there could be maybe like a moonlight picnic going on with stars and things.


Thank you all!!! I might do a combo of all of these

I can’t grammer


Sounds cool! If you still need any ideas, maybe you can make some food shape art? Like an orange, if you haven’t made that yet. But that would probably be easiest to du using trail art.