I need a quick idea for a thanksgiving short movie!


I'm currently making a thanksgiving story in Hopscotch and it's supposed to teach you a lesson or something, but I need ideas for a plot and theme/main idea. The two main characters are StarGirl and Mandrill. StarGirl and Mandrill will be talking when they see a poor person (Mosquito) ask them for a dollar so they can buy food. I need ideas on who will be the greedy one and who will be the generous one, what will happen, and other characters, maybe?
Thanks! Leave your ideas down below and if I like your idea if you want to be credited.


Bump because I need some ideas really quickly


Um a turkey escapes and they kill it and eat it the end


My project would get taken down if I made that


Well idk


Ok @MrHotdog64



thats not what I ment

Anyways you should make a movie about eating, or the pilgrams and indians(native americans)


That's not really what I was going for I was thinking about a more hopscotch character thing but thanks...