I need a profile picture! Contest!


Hey guys can someone make a profile pic for me? If so, you will probably
Need to know that I like...



Harry Potter


Thanks, from the fluffy bear


I can! :smile:


I can draw one! :D

What type of bears do you like?
And... Is there anything you do not want to have as your profile picture?
And... Colors?


I like any bear any color and nothing inappropriate!


I was TRYING to draw a cat and I was on a roll when I accidently tapped the clear button. :expressionless:


I'll be a beast at this, Mr. Potter.




I LOVE IT THANKS SOO MUCH!:smiley::smiley:

It's so cool!


I've finished sketching the profile picture! :D

Do you like grass, flowers, leaves and trees? XD


He I love nature!! And rainbows!


@Huggingfluffybear! :D


I LOVE IT I will use it soon!


This should be on another thing, but can you please finish my drawing request that I did with my other post. You asked me what I wanted it to be drawn on and then never replied. Thanks


Can you please reply to my posts @SmilingSnowflakes:stuck_out_tongue:


It is really funny @SmilingSnowflakes because you like Everthing and I was wondering if you are just going to doig, because I drew my pic and I don't like it!


How about I just put this on my topic? I should


Yeah! Good idea!!!!!!!