I need a (NEW) profile picture!


Lol I'm bored of my profile picture... @waddlemarco I like your low poly drawings!
So if anyone wants to make a profile pic for me Cough "No one"( *Cricket Noises")
I would like a profile pic thats a fox with red eyes... Kind of like a demon fox?
@waddlemarco I would like it if you could make a low poly demon fox.

FOR ANYONE DOING THIS, MAKE YOUR ENTRY PROFILE PIC COMPATIBLE (Profiles are circular so pls make the stuff I want be able to fit in a circle)

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It could be a quote?


How about THIS foxy?


You should use a project that you made on hopscotch and use it as your pro file pic


That's kind of off topic.. So.. Lgbot.

I might make a profile pic for you! Maybe!


I could make a profile picture for you in PS, but I'm on vacation right now and I don't have my PC. I'll get back on Monday.


If I don't want me to I won't but... maybe

I, could make u one?

maybe.........if you want me to :stuck_out_tongue_closed_eyes:
If not, that's ok... :confused:

It's just that

im not on your

tag list

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That's all



If you want you can use a GIF


How about this fox?


I have no idea what style you'd like, but I feel like a challenge, so...
How would you feel about a sort-of-kawaii-looking demon fox?
I don't have digital art things, so maybe it would look bad, but if you or someone else has a digital art thing, you could color it and make it stand out.
My style is my profile pic.


@StarryDream thats from Naruto!


@Serenity @GamerGirl111 of course you can make one! and @xXBARNSLEYFCXx idk??

Guys u can make one if u want to!


If your not on the tag list, (Its not mine) so you have to add your name to it!
ill show u the link:

Link - http://forum.gethopscotch.com/t/official-mass-tagging-topic/16843?u=ultimatecoder


The community flagged your "innapropriate" post, just so you know..
Stay on topic next time! But I didn't flag it



Here you go
@UltimateCoder I spent ages on this especially since I did it on a looooonnnggg car trip and had to take pauses since I get motion sick.

Like it??

I made it using the description :wink:
Enjoy, if you like it... Use it, it's free XD


Wow thats really good!!! i might choose it! @GamerGirl111


It's ok!:wink: