I need a new profile picture please!



So I need a new profile picture!! If you want to draw me here is what I would like!!
Gender: Boy
Skin: Tan
Eyes: Blue-Green
Hair: Light blonde
Accessories: A hat on backwards. Leaning against a brick wall, and black glasses
Background: A brick wall
Clothes: Blue hoodie and white shorts with black shoes and a purple stripe on the shoes
If you wanna join just tell me!! Also this contest ends on my 50th day on the forum!! It's in 3 days!! Hopefully you enter!! I will pick my favorite profile picture and give credit in my bio!!




Could you give an example of tan?


I'll do it for you! But if you don't mind me asking, are you a boy or a girl? (I just need to know before I start the drawing)

EDIT: Nvm I just read ur bio

I'll start now!


@CodePerfect is a boy


How? Umm… Let me see. It looks like I don't know how to explain it. Which pad are you going to use? Maybe I will be able to show which one it looks like by taking a picture!!


Thanks!! Let me add my gender!! I can't believe I forgot that!!


I was actually thinking of using an avatar maker, because I'm bad at drawing. If that's not allowed then it's okay :slight_smile:


No you can do a avatar maker!! I am okay with that!! Which avatar maker are you going to use?!?


id probably draw you... if i could...


I'm drawing you now! I hope it's accurate!


Awesome!! I can't wait till I see it!!


This one is pretty good but it doesn't show full body. How about this? I will keep looking


Okay let me look at them!!


Maybe I will try


Okay thanks!! @MR.GAM3R the second one is pretty accurate of my skin!! It's the 5 one in the skin category!!


Here you go @CodePerfect! If you want me to restart...I will!


Nice I like it!! I will consider it!! Thanks for drawing me!!


This is the best one you should use it :wink:


Did you start making me with the avatar maker? And @CatWithABrush are you going to draw me?!?


Yep, I did, but I don't really like it so I am going to do it again. Will post it later