I need a new profile picture (Contest)


Time for a contest!

I need a new profile picture!

Things I like:

Winner gets a game request and credit in my bio!

BAS Approved Tag List

@Sugarisyummy @EggsOnSaturn1 @Deadfr@LazyLizard@SnowGirl_Studios@Gilbert189@Supermoon39@Wookie @GracefulIcing1@Razor @RubyStars@RenegadeBird1 @ProgrammingHero@Intellection74@RubyWolf1@LavenderLovinNerd @Doodliedoo@FrothyCad@bluedogmc-official@RobotPro@Crazy_Crawfish@codingCupcake123@Niftynia75 @DancingLollipop@a10@Stick88@Hermione @Fun_in_the_Sun@Calico2.0@tankt2016@CreationsOfaNoob@Rose_Owl@smishsmash @AvocadoDont@Paydent12@Destined_Taco1@xXBARNSLEYFCXx@ConnellCoder@CosineStudios@Candycane@AmiiboTrash@Purdue19@kenlauescuadro@HoppingBanana@Kawaii_Lover @EnchantedAnimallover@Catface4


I did this one:


I only used 1 photo for the wookie,


@Wookie, I've told you so many times please take me off the tag list :frowning:


oh no i have to go soon no time to draw a quick picture but i will in a few days!


Edited with Drawing Desk.
Found on Google Images.
By the way it is a wookiee plush.


Sorry @RubyWolf1 I'll do it now