I need a new profile pic :000



Ok, so I'm trying to find a profile pic but I don't see any that I like.

So here are le requirements

  • must be a gif (unless really awesome)

  • must be Pokemon

  • must be funny

Ok that's all.


There's one. I'll probably recommend more.



Please post this in my profile pic suggestions topic.


I just got a notification that said @system edited my post on here. Here's a screenshot:

What does that mean? Does anyone know?


... Why not? XD


OMG I love your profile pic XD

Well I posted a bunch of cool gifs on the regular gym.


Just a filter I think.


I didn't write anything inappropriate though. Actually, I didn't write anything!


I know that but it does it with everything, it's a filter to check if it's inappropriate I am pretty sure!


And it's the imange not the words.


Oh yeah, because it said "Hat.ers"
Sorry for the off-topicness so let's GBOT


No no no its not a word.

System edits every single image not just ones that have bad words.


Oh okay got it. Thanks :blush:
Back on topic now