I need a Interviewing Partner! (Chosen) (@Wookie)



Hi guys!
I had this idea where I could do this interviewing thing where I would ask different people about themselves and about Hopscotch. But I'm not going to do it by my self. I would need a partner. Then we could start interviewing people all over the forum! So if you want to be my interview partner just reply.


Can I be your interview partner?!


Please I'd love to ;D


Maybe, I'm just going to wait and see if anyone else would. Then I might pick more then one partner!


This sounds fun! I know you already have two people who want to, but if you can, can I be your interviewing partner?


I see some people actually want to do this with me! I'm not going to pick right away but I will pick soon!


I'd be willing to do the job!


I can't pick everyone so the first few people to reply right now get to do the interview with me!


If someone doesn't reply soon I will just have to pick by my self, and I really don't want to have to pick on my own. I don't know who to choose!


OK, @Wookie do you want to do the interviews with me? If you changed your mind you don't have to. But if you want to you will be my partner!


Yes I'd love to ;D @BubblegumCupcakeMix

Why did you pick me out of everyone :blush:


I don't know I just thought it would be fun to work with you!


Yay! So when do we start?


Um, maybe tomorrow? We would just have to be on at the same time and considering where we both live we might not have time to be on both at once.


Ok I have school and homework so idk I'll just tell you when I'm on @BubblegumCupcakeMix


I want to be interviewed.