I need a good Joystick


Yeah, does someone have a GOOD joystick that is working well even in a HUUUGE project. If so, tell Me how to make that one (if You want). If I don’t get any good one in like a week I’m just gonna use The bad classic HS-joystick, but that’s still bad, so I want a good one.




Idk how to make one, sorry!

Btw thus is how you do the drop down box ; D
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I’m not gonna use that function anymore :wink:


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Hi @TheOnionSWE

What don’t you like about the classic HS joystick?

Personally, I think it’s important for a game’s GUI (graphical user interface) to not distract the user from playing the game. When a game is coded with arrow controls or the “classic joystick” that require screen touches in fixed locations, the user has to pay attention to where they’re touching the screen and that distracts their attention from the game. Not a good thing.

This simple joystick solves that problem by moving the joystick to wherever the user has pressed:


I’d like to see the code for that, it would be good to learn for future projects


There’s not wrong with The HS joystick. It is just hard to move around good.


I added comments by way of custom abilities to explain things. Let me know if you have any questions.

Do you find the one I posted easier to use? Or were you looking for something else?


I happen to already have one!


I have tried some joysticks that are similar to that one, and nothing works. I don’t know why but it’s not working. The only way I made a joystick was The classic HS-joystick. So I don’t think I wanna try this joystick.
But still Thanks for it.


Maybe I could make a new one from scratch and try to make it as simple and intuitive as possible?


Maybe, but I still have tried joysticks that are quiet easy and also good and that is not working because The game is too big or something.
But try do one if you want, who knows, maybe that joystick will work in The game.


I’d wager it’s the “or something” :wink:

If you post a link to the project, I (and others on the forum) would be happy to help you get a joystick working.


Hmm, I don’t want to give a link to THAT project, it’s not done yet and I don’t want so others can play it before it gets done. The game should also like crash because I have put so much object, clones, variables and other things in there and The FPS is super low (average like 14).
And I got a joystick (HS joystick), and because The FPS is so low you can’t see if it is the HS one or not, so thats’s not a big problem.
But you can do like @Hopscotcher should fix this, try make an easy but still good joystick and give me The code for that so I can insert into The project and see if it works by myself.