I need a good egg design for my game!


Hey guys I need a little small egg for my Easter game!

Should be published tomorrow if someone makes a egg for me!

You will get credit and also

If I could tweek your egg a little that would be great! I will choose the best egg!

Bye from the fluffy bear


@SmilingSnowflakes would be great for this! Can you do it?


I can do it! :D

Can it be made out of trails? Or shapes only?


Umm sorry but no!!!!


Shapes only! But make it simple!


@SmilingSnowflakes no need to rush but can you finish by tonight?


I can! :D


Thanks you so much!!!! Yes!myou will get sooooooo much credit!


@SmilingSnowflakes is it done? Sorry! I need it!


@SmilingSnowflakes I need it before 2:00 p.m today! Please! Thanks!


Can someone else help me?



Guys for the last time I'm not on the tag list.


I'll see what I can do! :grinning:


Never mind guys I got one!


That was the latest version!


Idea: you could make multiple egg designs? :smiley:


@Huggingfluffybear The latest version is on Rawrbear's topic, and I am not on that list.


I used that one! Trust me!


Yeah, I just looked at it. Someone re-added my username?


And someone added mine again I guess... Huh?