I need a female avatar for my new game



So...I need a red-haired girl for my new game. I'm terrible at making characters, they all look like boxes. Is anyone good at making models (without trail blocks?). If they can suggest a project for me a create a project for me that would be awesome, and they'll get a shoutout when I finish the game.


Yey first


I can try! :D

Do you want her to be a child, or adult? :smile:


A kid...Thanks a lot!


It's no problem! I'll see if I can get it done in about 2 days. :smile:


Ok, thanks! Let me know when you figure it out. :smiley:

For now I will have a square acting as a character with set position and stuff :)


Could I try?


What app are you going to use?


I'm using hopscotch, and I think I'm going to be making it out of shape art. :smile:


If you'd like, but @Dude73 is working on one right now. But I'm open to whatever you would make :smiley:


I've been working on the hair shape, I think I've got it done. :D


How's the avatar going? It'd be nice if it could be done by Tuesday, but no pressure :smiley:


Oh! I'm almost done with the basic body shape, I haven't worked on it yet today.


Ok, thanks so much! I'm about a third done with the game (it might be more than a third or less than a third, I just called it a third because there are three parts to the game, and I finished the first) and I don't really need to add the character yet (I'm using a rectangle as the character for the moment :laughing: ).


Did anyone make it yet?

I want a shoutout!


If you can make some little smaller characters that have very few parts I will use them. I can make them myself but if you can make them it would be very helpful! And you'll get a shoutout in the game too when I complete it


What will the little characters look like


I'll try making a drawing (give me a minute :D)



No trail blocks

Do you mean shape art


Yes, shape art

I'm drawing a sketch of what the character should look like