I need a compuper virus!


I am making a Game and I need some compuper viruses! So I need

  • Unicode that is compatible with Hopscotch.
  • Or a shape art virus.
  • Or a idea.

I will probably need to make at least 25 of these, the game is a scroller.

Post away.
*Remember that no matter how good you think I am at coding I am not a magician! This means I can't do anything I want!


A virus that won't let you move your mouse on the computer!


The whole screen freezes up? IDK, I am barely on a computer. :smile:


No! These are enemies @Dude73 @Huggingfluffybear!


Hmm then maybe... Something that encrypted your files and you need to pay $100 dollars to get them back!


Not storyline a model to fight!




Virus isn't the right word...


Yes it is, the game is a RPG set in Cyberspace, and The Developer (me) is sending compuper viruses after you.


Ha ha! Yeah I get it NOW I didn't understand much before!



Back on topic...
Maybe a popup window like this:

(First thing I found ¯_(ツ)_/¯)


I had some perfect unicode viruses, but then I found they were unsupported on HS.
The things I do to make a good game ;-;


I sort of need something that resembles a biological virus...


People giving files to people that have pics of something!




Like flu for example.


No they aren't, they should look something like the Biological ones though.


So, "compuper" wasn't a typo for computer?


It was meant to be that way...


So maybe, a green spikey ball with an angry face on it?
You could make seperate sprites for the ball and the spikes, and connect them with sine and cosine (I can show you how if you want)