I need a coding partner. 😀



Hello! I'm new on hopscotch and I'm not a great coder. I need a coding partner who is either part of the LGBT community or educated on it. I'm thinking just one collab right now.


Im with @BasketballNerd what is it?


Hi! I'm sorry I took so long to reply. I was at a soccer game. Anyway, I'm not sure what you're asking. Could you be more specific? @benmerritt


what was that thing you were saying


I can be your coding @LGBT.Coder!


Hi! I'd love to be a partner. I am a part of the LGBTQ community and have many friends who are too. I'm ChiTea on Hopscotch.


@Sparkczy @Deadfr Can I see both of your accounts?


Umm...This is really awkward for me... @Liza is this kind of thing allowed? First of all, I think it is unfair to only choose these kind of people as your partner.
Second, there are little kids on this who don't need to know about this stuff yet,
And last, this goes against my religion.


I see no problem with choosing a coding partner.


I had to Google it too.


The LGBT part...


This user is only choosing a certain kind of people to be their partner, which seems both weird and mean to me.


My best friend is a part of the LGBT community and she's Christian.
Anyways, if people want to do this let them do it, there's nothing wrong in making a project about it, people have done a lot of stuff about it in the past on Hopscotch, so what's wrong with this?


All I see is this guy choosing a coding partner. Where did religion come in?


LGBT goes against my religion.


Guys, it's causing a flame war already. Please stop.


Oh... I did know what LGBT meant. Are you sure the user is meant for his name to be like that?


LGBT is defined as an (to use mild words) "oppressed" community, which most people are against due to their religion, but I'm not getting into the details :stuck_out_tongue:


I'm pretty sure...
Read his profile.


Hopscotch is free for people of all religions :slight_smile: I respect yours and if it is against your religion then it would be best not to read this topic :thumbsup: