I need a coding partner



Anyone interested in being my coding partner?


Sure ok
Do you wanna make a collab account? (Email me at my email (it's a hopscotch email not my real one): phigamiche@thrma.com for the password)


What are your requirements for a partner?


Sure Jagged Jeans but my friend NBoss is sitting next to me and says that u want to be his coding parter.


To get your own hopscotch email go to: http://www.throwawaymail.com/


Oh that thing about NBoss was for Basketball nerd


Oh he did? I didn't realize. Let me check my posts for a minute


Oh ok never mind



Maybe we could do something together? You me and @Nboss84?


No jagged jeans dont worry about it i was talking to basketball nerd


Sure but jagged will be my main man (or woman)


Jagged jeans i cant open that link im in school and the networks blocks it (Ill only be able to work on projects during schooldays) should i just make a fake ■■■■■?


Ok sure!



A fake email? (This is just because it doesnt reach the character kimit


Just some questions. Age gender and country? Im 13 boy USA


Yeah if it doesn't fit the character limit I just put lots of periods like this:



Oh and sure Nboss!.....


I'm 9, girl, and I'm living in turkey (But I'm half American and know English as my first language)


Whoops sorry i meant basketballnerd


K thats cool i brb the tachers coming