I need a coding partner?



Hey guys! I want a coding partner. If you aren't mean you can probably join! There might be a contest as well..


Need to have Hopscotch
The end

Okay, reply for a chance! My guess is one person will ask :0


Yesh me too please


I can help. :upside_down: :smile:


That would be cool!


CAN I PLEASE DO IT? You're such an awesome Hopscotcher!


Wow, thanks guys! I'm going to wait, though, and probably have a contest. It will be easy though. Don't worry!


mass tag list



Like, besides me on LGBT.Support? (Sarcasm ahead) HoW cOuLd YoU dO tHiS tO mE i ThOuGhT wE wErE fRiEnDs!!1!11!!


nOoOO plZ senpai don't do this to

Hehe, no, we frends. Can you check Docs? ;-;


K one sec. I FINALLY HAVE WIFI AGAIN #blessed


I took my name off the tag list..


Oh, sorry. I had an older version copied onto notes, I use that one! I'll edit it right now.


Does this mean you're out of my competition? I don't want to let everyone here down by "killing" this...


Oh, what? No! I just wanted my own coding partner, plus I doubt I'll be picked anyways. Gilbert189 is so much more famous and better at coding!


Could I be your coding partner? I love your Chi Pad! I'm NanaEnakei on hopscotch!


I'll help with whatever you need :slight_smile: